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Culture is an area of lively discussion, active negotiation, positive tension, ambiguity, and creativity. It's an ever-evolving ecosystem which, therefore, requires structure; it is a space for growth that includes various cultural stakeholders – both professionals and amateurs, organisations, initiatives, individuals, as well as the broader community. 

In the fall of 2023, the City of Zagreb founded New Cultural Spaces, a public institution that aims to provide a place of convergence for producers and promoters of culture and art, its interpreters and archivists, as well as the audience at large. 

Established on the principles of participation, decentralisation, and diversification of cultural programming, this unique institutional platform brings together diverse stakeholders to co-create and develop programs in collaboration with NGO’s and other individuals and organisations in culture and art, the local community, city districts, public institutions, and regional and global partners.
Novi prostori kulture kao pokretač kreativnog razvoja grada.

The impetus for the establishment of New Cultural Spaces came from more than 50 artists, cultural workers, and culture experts engaged in the drafting of the Culture Development Program of the City of Zagreb 2024–2030.

Aiming to provide access to cultural programming to the broader community, it clearly identifies the need for novel, decentralised cultural infrastructure in the city of Zagreb. This includes the construction of new, as well as the renovation of existing city facilities and venues at various locations in Zagreb. Under the leadership of New Cultural Spaces, these venues are intended to operate as hubs, on the principle of participatory programming models that follow a “from the people, for the people” organisational logic. In addition to providing a space for all interested stakeholders to discuss and experience culture and art, the hubs will also provide state-of-the-art production, technical, and infrastructural facilities to enable them to create their own works in a professional manner.

At a unique intersection of culture and art, education, diverse programming innovations, partnership development and networking, and community participation in performance and event organisation, these cultural micro-locations are intended to become unique creative incubators and dynamic cultural development spaces accessible to both practitioners and audiences across Zagreb.

New Cultural Spaces aims to strengthen the diversification of cultural life, make culture and art accessible in every neighbourhood in Zagreb, and map the diversity and needs of audiences across the city. Different institutions, organisations, and initiatives are already carrying out various activities in the city’s districts, many of which are benefiting from and being intensified through the Culture and Arts in the Community program. In New Cultural Spaces, these practitioners will now have a partner to coordinate and promote their work at the city-wide level, with which they can co-create a unique and recognisable metropolitan project accessible to all. In addition to providing professional institutional leadership and prime working conditions for new and existing initiatives, New Cultural Spaces will further solidify the local cultural offering with in-house event production.

Increasing cultural accessibility and inclusivity, promoting cultural and artistic creativity, cultural diversity, and the development of civil society are the basis of New Cultural Spaces.

In this regard, the broad program spectrum that the institution plans to initiate, encourage, and develop includes one-time and multi-day events and manifestations, discursive programs, artistic residencies and workshops, as well as festivals, conferences, and informal cultural education. Whether organised independently or in collaboration with partners and local districts, these programs will encompass both popular and experimental music, literature of all styles and genres, visual and performing arts in all their forms, audio-visual art, and interdisciplinary and new artistic and cultural practices.
Novi prostori kulture kao pokretač kreativnog razvoja grada.

A city without culture and art is merely a network of streets and squares. Therefore, we ask for more from our neighbourhoods and from our city.

We need a place where creativity meets practical knowledge, where the delineation between “elite” and “common” is blurred, where the old and the new meet to build something different, where collaboration is valued more than competition, where technology serves humanity and progress, and where culture means inclusivity and diversity – when it comes to programs and venues, as well as visitors and organisers. For this, we need new spaces for imagination. We need a new cultural and social dynamic. We need New Cultural Spaces.

A city where culture thrives throughout its neighbourhoods, making it accessible to all, and where all cultural stakeholders have top-tier production and presentation conditions for artistic work, projects, and innovations in professionally managed and well-maintained venues.

Our mission is to revitalise and diversify the cultural life of the entire city of Zagreb.

With the restoration of existing and construction of new venues, production of innovative in-house and collaborative programs, as well as the development of progressive models of participatory cultural management – we aim to imbue Zagreb’s neighbourhoods with cultural and artistic work.

Through expert management of these city venues, we will ensure and consistently improve the professional conditions for cultural work and artistic creation, while expanding the first-rate reception experience for the audience.

By fostering collaboration, discussion, partnership, innovation, talent, artistic expression, inclusivity, and pluralism – we will open up the city’s creative spaces to all.

Promote the accessibility and inclusivity of culture and the arts as contemporary society values.
Develop and promote culture and the arts in the local community.
Encourage cultural diversity and the development of civil society.
Develop participatory models for cultural management and programming.
Foster innovative cultural, artistic, stylistic, and programmatic action modes.
Encourage interdisciplinary approaches and the development of new cultural practices.
Promote education, critical thinking, diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all.
Encourage and promote innovation in cultural and artistic work.
Develop and promote professional infrastructural and production working conditions.
Encourage expert cultural management according to the highest standards.
Provide program and events production support.
Encourage collaboration and partnerships with the local community, civil society, art organisations, and local and global partners.
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